• How much does it cost to join?

There is no cost to join our program. It is free to sign up.  All resources and support is free as well.  In fact we actually pay you $50 if you sign up today!

  • I don’t have a website; can I still become an affiliate?

We provide tools and resources at all levels from website templates to banners and graphics so we will guide you through the process of selling online.  We are committed to make you successful.

  • How much will I earn per sales?

The commissions are set by the merchants who own the products.  This network only handles high commission and high converting products and our minimum is 50% per sale.

  • How and when do I get paid?

Commissions are paid bi-weekly, which mean you will be sent a payment every two weeks.  Payments are typically sent through PayPal but we can accommodate other methods.  Simply let your personal Affiliate Manager know your needs and he/she will make proper arrangements.

  • If I sell a product from my website, am I responsible?

All the products you will promote from us are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty and the manufacturers also handle all the customer service duties as well.

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